These words have huge consequences in our resource usage, let’s get the most out of what we consume.

Upcycling is to reuse and repurpose an undervalued thing into something of higher value. This requires creativity and resourcefulness.

Bicycles are great to upcycle. Frames can last decades and can be easily transformed into practical modes of transportation that can be easily retrofitted into powerful electric bikes.

In person services.

Repairs, upgrades. converting bikes (and cargobikes) into electric. Get in touch with the E-bike conversion guru. Read more HERE

Guru Skiing. One-on-one coaching while skiing. Let your mind unwind. Let’s go skiing. Make an Appointment

DIY, fix-it-yourself, Upcycling courses for kids and adults. Do you have something that you know has value if only it could be fixed, but did not know exactly how. Computers, furniture, bikes, electronics, toys. Inquire HERE

Custom Sound Systems. Large PAs, retrofits, off-the-grid, portable, you name it. Creativity is the limit.

Remote Services

  • Web development
  • Web analytics
  • E-commerce
  • System Administration
  • IT generalist
  • SQL
  • Project design